Ketttlebell Back Orders 2020

by DJ Guzda April 19, 2020 1 Comment

Ketttlebell Back Orders 2020

Date: 19 April 2020

Questions About

Your Kettlebell Back Order ?

Why do we open Back Orders?

Although there is a delay in receiving your White Lion Athletics kettlebells when you place a Back Order, you will receive them when the shipment arrives (barring some unforeseen circumstances such as damaged shipments, loss of shipment etc. In cases such as this and similar situations you will be refunded.)

Back orders allow you to place your order at your convenience without concerns for stock running out while the product is in your cart and you are processing your checkout. When high demand products are restocked and released there is no guarantee you will make through the checkout successfully - even if the item is in your cart. In some cases,  there maybe one item left and three people have it in their cart. The first person to successfully process their payment will get the item - regardless which customer had it in their cart first.

How do I know when the kettlebells will arrive?

On the product page you ordered from, there is date range 20 April 2020 (+/- 4 days).

What does  (+/- 4 days)  mean?

This means that White Lion Athletics will receive the kettlebell shipment in this date range (as early as 16 April and as late as 24 April). Once the shipment is received, orders will be filled, shipped, delivered or have curbside pickup arranged.

Why do we given a range of dates for the order arriving?

Shipping times are never guaranteed. You never know, the world may shut down one day due to the outbreak of a virus and things may change dramatically overnight. Sound familiar? 

Although shipment times to White Lion Athletics are out of our control, we do our best to communicate with you about delays and pass on any updates we have so you can keep your mind at ease about the status of your order.

Here is an example. About 7 years ago the dock workers in Vancouver went on strike for about 1 month and all cargo in the port was held and could not move because there was no labour available. There were massive delays and massive costs associated with this.

There are are storms, fires, avalanches, earth quakes and other situations that can delay shipments and are not in our control. COVID-19 is such a situation that causes major delays in shipping (air shipment especially as well as unloading cargo at major ports).

For these reasons - and many more - we give a a range of dates for our order arrival.

Will I get MY Kettlebell order between 16-24 April 2020?

This is the date range that White Lion Athletics will receive our shipment. Once the shipment is received and entered into inventory, we will dispatch all orders. Rest assured:  you will be contacted and notified when your order is ready for pick-up.  You will be also be contacted when your order is  moving toward you if we are shipping or delivering.

Orders will be dispatched in the following manner:

  • Curbside Pick-Ups.......WE WILL CALL YOU TO ARRANGE PICK-UP

We have selected order fulfillment based on highest to lowest order volume. With In-City deliveries being the highest volume, getting these out first will give us more room to work and package orders that will be shipped.

 What if there are delays with my order?

If there are delays or any issues with your order, we will notify you immediately.  


DJ Guzda
DJ Guzda


DJ is a Co-Owner of White Lion Athletics

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April 19, 2020

I need 12 kg nd 16 kg kettlebells,
Didn’t see any links for the same for backorder

Could you pls help me out,
Friend of steve

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