New Kettlebell Design. Pre-Order Open Now. September 2020

by DJ Guzda September 10, 2020 4 Comments

New Kettlebell Design. Pre-Order Open Now.        September 2020


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BLOG RELEASE DATE: 10 September  2020

The best experience with your Pre-Order will come with completely understanding the process and timelines.        PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

New Kettlebell Weights

We are very happy to announce the release of our 14kg/30lbs Cast Iron Kettlebells as well as our 18kg Cast Iron Kettlebells. These kettlebell weights will be a welcome addition to your kettlebell training and current collection.

The 14kg and 18kg kettlebells are great additions for performing cleans, snatches and Turkish Get-Ups where the former increase of 4kg between 12kg-16kg and 16kg-20kg may have seemed too much.

New Kettlebell Design

Kettlebells will remain a single cast with black powder coating.

The image below is digital image from our CAD program and is only meant to show the shape of the design. The lines and color you see are indicative of the production method used or actual BLACK POWDER COAT finish they finished product will have.

With our September 2020 Kettlebell Release we are also providing a facelift to our kettlebells. 

The kettlebell surface with the numbered portion with will remain flat while the logo portion will change.  Kettlebells will not be exactly as depicted here but will be, essentially, very close to this.


White Lion Athletics Kettlebell



 Why Preorder?

  • We GUARANTEE  that we will have sufficient stock to fill all orders. 
  • You do not have wait and rush online when the kettlebells are released.

Preorders open 10 SEPTEMBER 202O

Estimated Arrival Date for Kettlebells NOVEMBER 2020

  • We will be updating the specifics for Arrival Date with the Communication Schedule listed below


With your Kettlebell Preorder it MUST be KETTLEBELLS ONLY.
Order as many as you want, just keep it KETTLEBELLS ONLY.

Please add your other items to a separate order and this will be fulfilled through our normal channels.

Keeping your Preorder with KETTLEBELLS ONLY  will increase the efficiency of our shipping, delivery and in-store pickups and get you your kettlebells faster.

**Scheduled Dates for Communication ** : 

How will we update you: EMAIL . We will be sending you an email from Move this address to your SAFE ADDRESSES.


Why are we following this communication schedule?

Following this schedule will allow us to effectively communicate  with you. You expect updates on the ETA of our kettlebell order on these dates ONLY. If we do not have new information, we will tell you that, too (on those dates only).

Rest assured you will be updated on the status of our Order on these dates.

We will provide communication regarding the status of orders and shipping updates on the following days:


If there are updates in between these dates. We will inform you. 



Preorder Kettlebell Packages HERE
Preorder Individual Kettlebells HERE


DJ Guzda
DJ Guzda


DJ is a Co-Owner of White Lion Athletics

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