Kettlebell Preorder Part II: May 2020

by DJ Guzda May 15, 2020

Kettlebell Preorder Part II: May 2020


RELEASE DATE: 15 May 2020


 Why Preorder?

  • You are guaranteed to get your kettlebells.
  • You do not have wait and rush online when the kettlebells are released.
  • You do not run the risk of not getting your kettlebells when we restock.

Preorders open 15 MAY 2020 5pm

Estimated Arrival Date for Kettlebells (7 Weeks): July 2020

  • We will updating the specifics for Arrival Date with the Communication Schedule listed below


With your Kettlebell Preorder it MUST be KETTLEBELLS ONLY.

Order as many as you want, just keep it KETTLEBELLS ONLY.

Please add your other items to a separate order and this will be fulfilled through our normal channels.

Keeping your Preorder with KETTLEBELLS ONLY  will increase the efficiency of our shipping, delivery and in-store pickups and get you your kettlebells faster.

**Scheduled Dates for Communication ** : 

How will we update you: EMAIL . We will be sending you an email from Move this address to your SAFE ADDRESSES.


Why are we following this communication schedule?

Following this schedule will allow us to effectively communicate  with you. You expect updates on the ETA of our kettlebell order on these dates ONLY. If we do not have new information, we will tell you that, too (on those dates only).

Rest assured you will be updated on the status of our Order on these dates.

We will provide communication regarding the status of orders and shipping updates on the following days:

5 June 2020;  19 June 2020;  3 July 2020 

If there are updates in between these dates. We will inform you. 



Preorder Kettlebell Packages HERE
Preorder Individual Kettlebells HERE


DJ Guzda
DJ Guzda


DJ is a Co-Owner of White Lion Athletics

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