Range Roller (24")


Injuries, stress, exercise... all things that compromise the responsiveness and pliability of your muscles and fascia. This is where myofascial release tools come in!

The Range Roller is perfect for serious rolling. Two feet in length to minimize adjusting and increase versatility. The Range Roller has a hardness of 55, making it dense enough to reach deeper muscles. We consider this a "medium" to "intense", or Level 2-3 roller. 

See our instructional videos for how to use your Range Roller.
Read our "What is Foam Rolling" Infosheet.


  • Foam Material: Eco Friendly EVA Foam
  • Core Material: PVC
  • Size: 24" 
  • Color: Black

***Caution: White Lion Athletics recommends seeing a professional physical therapist to assess any injuries prior to using any self-myofascial tools.

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