Armourdillo Weight Vest | 10kg Adjustable Weighted Vest| Camo


Weighted Vest, 10kg 

Form-Fitting, Adjustable Weight Vest

No time to train?! No Problem !
Strap on this weight vest while walking the dog, working around the yard  or doing housework. 

The White Lion Athletics Armourdillo Adjustable Weighted Vest is designed to fit securely on athletes of just about any size—greatly reducing the uncomfortable bouncing and sliding sometimes found with other weight vests on the market.
Added to our weighted training vest Calisthenics, Crossfit 101, Crossfit WODs, running and similar training task, the high and tight-fitting will keep the weight load steady making your training safer and more effective.

Thought you were thick skinned before? Wait till you try the Armourdillo Weighted Vest! This rigorous vest unites beast and comfort into one form fitting, sweat extracting, piece of armour. The velcro straps keep the Armourdillo hugged nicely to the body even while running and jumping. 

If fit and function weren't reason enough to pick up one of these 10Kg vests, the fashionable camo pattern is sure to seal the deal.

Weight Capacity: 10kg
Max Capacity: 10kg
Colour: Snow Camo

Do not wear while while in watercraft of any kind. Do not use while you are in the water, regardless of the depth.

This weight vest is Designed and Warrantied for Single Person Use only. Use in multi person environments such gyms, training centres or in contest events will void the Warranty and refunds and/or replacements will not be provided. 

This vest is to be hand washed (by hand , not through the "Hand Wash" Option on your laundry machine) and laid flat to dry.

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Type: Conditioning

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