Agility Cone Set | 5 colors. 50 cones/set


Agility Cone Set

Why do you need cones? What if we told you a cone is not a cone?

5 Ways to Use Agility Cones :

  1. Place them in semi circle around you. Stand on 1 leg. Pick each one up while keeping your 1 foot off the ground. Collect them all in your hand. When complete, place each one back in the spot it came from with that 1  foot remaining off the ground.
  2. Hold two cones behind your back outside from the trainees. During training drill, have each cone require a different response from the athlete (change direction, accelerate, stop/go...etc)
  3. Have the cones in a large opaque bag or box. Each colour is associated with a task which must be completed when it is drawn from the box or bag.
  4. Have a stack of cones to one side of you while in a high plank. While maintaining an optimal position, take one cone from the top of the stack with your hand  that is furthest from the stack of cones. Move it underneath your body and place it next to you. Continue until all cones are re-stacked.
  5. Place one cone on the small of your back. Perform Bird Dogs or Tiger Crawls without it falling off. When you have mastered this, try them with the cone upside down.
White Lion Athletics Agility Cone Set provides the ultimate workout for athletes looking to improve their speed and precision. This 50-cone set helps maximize your acceleration, deceleration and agility.
These low-profile cones are extremely durable and are the perfect training tool for soccer, football and all other sports where being quick and agile are key
Introduce speed, agility, coordination and fun into your workouts with easily transportable and color differentiated cones.
See our instructional videos (<-video link) for drills using your Cones.


Cone Material: Plastic

Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White

Package includes: 

  • 50 x Cones

  • 1 x Cone Holder

Collections: All Products, Conditioning

Type: Conditioning

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