Big Red Stick | 23" Massage Stick


5 Benefits of Using a Massage Stick

  1. No need to get on the ground. Great for people that have challenges moving up and down off the ground. You can rollout your quads, hamstrings or calves standing or sitting down.

  2. It's Travel Friendly.  It'll fit in your suitcase or training bag so you can take 

  3. It's long. This let's you easily use it on your hamstrings.

  4. Comfortable. You're applying the pressure by hand so you decide how hard to press. You also don't need to worry about balancing yourself like you do when you use a foam roller

  5. Partner Friendly. Have a partner help you out and have them use this on your biceps, triceps, lats, quads, hamstrings...anywhere really.

    Looking for smaller stick ? Check out our LITTLE RED STICK 

    Injuries, stress, exercise... all things that compromise the responsiveness and pliability of your muscles and fascia. This is where myofascial release tools come in!

      The Big Red Stick is your answer to sore and achy muscles. The smooth red beads allow for a consistent and easily controllable roll. Every stick also comes with an instructional handout including diagrams and tips on using your Red Stick!

      Need some ideas on how to use our massage sticks? Check this out.

      Looking for a smaller stick to bring with you on the road? Check out our Little Red Stick or our Purple Rainmaker!

      ***Caution: White Lion Athletics recommends seeing a professional physical therapist to assess any injuries prior to using any self-myofascial tools.

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