The Ultimate Band Box - Originals: 3 Pack Fabric Glute Band Resistance Band Kit

Fabric Resistance Band Training Package 

What's Inside your Ultimate Band Box?

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The perfect gift for you or for someone you can borrow them from!
The Ultimate Band Box contains one Heavy, one X-Heavy and one XX-Heavy fabric resistance band.
This fabric resistance band package set saves you 30% compared to purchasing these bands separately. 

How to Choose Your Fabric Band Size 

13 inch x 3 inch 
Quads 18" -  23"
15 inch x 3 inch 
Quads 24" -  28"

Measure  the circumference of your thigh 3" above your knee

Where is the Best Place to Put Your Fabric Resistance Bands

 Band Size  Suggested Band Placement
12 inch x 2 inch

 Around wrists or ankles. Above knee placement may cause over-stretching.


13 inch x 3 inch 


bottom of band is 1" above knees (most manageable), bottom of band is 1" below knees (more difficult for exercises where feet are stationary) or around ankles (most difficult for exercises where feet are moving).

15 inch x 3 inch


1" above knees or 1" below knees (more difficult). This band is too big to place around your ankles.

Each Box Contains
Heavy Band x 1
X-Heavy Band x 1
XX-Heavy Band x 1

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