Wooden Indian Clubs | Hand Crafted, Solid Wood

 Wooden Indian Clubs : (Sold in Pairs)

Available Batches:

Batch 001: 1lbs Pairs (Pine), 001-100

Batch 002: 2lbs (Walnut), 001-050

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The benefits of Indian Club Training

Shoulder strength and flexibility. 

One set of benefits of Indian Club Training: potential improvements to overall shoulder health and function through an increased range of motion. Dr. Perry Nickleston eloquently writes on the benefits:

"Indian club swinging can be described as circular weight training that exercises the shoulder, wrist and elbow in ways not possible with traditional linear resistance training. Club swinging will not only strengthen muscles and ligaments, maintain joint flexibility and improve range of motion, but also will greatly reduce risk of future injury. The swinging motion requires one to engage the core muscles and maintain trunk stability and proper hip extension patterning for hip stabilization. Patients who engage in a protocol of monitored club swinging can return to baseline strength and flexibility faster. They also help promote functional movement and good biomechanics of the shoulder. The forward head carriage, thoracic hyperkyphosis, and anterior shoulder rotation associated with the upper-crossed postural distortion syndrome may be reversed with the proper biomechanics associated with club motion."

Mental acuity, increased focused: Brain Food.

Swinging Indian Clubs requires coordination and mental focus to consistently and effectively creative the movement patterns during training. The cognitive demands of training with Indian Clubs cannot go unmentioned. Training with Indian Clubs with the goal of sufficiently developing consistent patterning is the practical application of acquiring and developing more complex motor skills.

Dimensions: 18"Long