Kettlebells, Steel Clubs & Steel Maces


Starting off with kettlebells, or adding to your kettlebell set ? Our BLOG post may be useful.

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Kettlebell exercises in your kettlebell workout can be more effective, productive and safer with high quality kettlebells. We ship our kettlebells across in Winnipeg, across Canada and around the world.

Steel Clubs

Why is the Steel Club so beneficial? We answer some common questions about Steel Clubs here.

The uneven weight distribution within the tool will increase the demands on your whole body as you press it, pull it, squat with it or carry it. 

Our Solid Steel Clubs are perfectly weighted with a matte black powder coated finish. Steel Clubs can be introduced at any point. Steel Clubs are are an excellent tool upper body warm-ups on pressing or pulling days. Heavier Steel Clubs can also be used on their own to strength and conditioning.

Steel Maces

The Steel Mace will increase the demands of any exercises such as the bicep curl and the overhead press all the way to the Farmer's Walk and Squat.  The uneven weight distribution of the Steel Mace will demand more core and stabilizer recruitment during any movement pattern compared with other tools where the weight distribution is evenly distributed.