Adjustable Plyometric Hurdles | 2 per set


Adjustable Plyometric Hurdles | 2/set

How you use plyometric hurdles will be determined by the goals of your training session. With creative, specific and safe programming, using the hurdles becomes more fun for the user and coach or trainer!

4 Ways Our Plyometric Hurdles Can Be Used In Warm-Ups:

  1. Stepping over: sideways, forward and backward.

  2. Tiger Crawls undenreath

  3. Bounding side-to-side with hurdles set a few inches off the ground

  4. Single Leg Hopping with hurdles set a few inches off the ground

Set the hurdles to different heights to accommodate different ability levels is the best way to use these. From basic through advanced training, novice to elite athletes can progress using plyometric hurdles in their training for  any sport requiring speed, power and acceleration

See our instructional videos for setting up and using your Adjustable Hurdles.

  • Bases can be filled to make them more sturdy during outdoor training
  • Hurdle Material: Plastic
  • Hurdle Height: Max 5ft
  • # of Hurdles: 2
  • Color: Yellow

Package includes: 
2 x sets of Hurdles

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