Daily FITPAK Starter Kit

Daily FITPAK Starter Kit

Steve Ramos, creator of Daily FITPAK partnered with White Lion Athletics and developed this training kit so you can effectively pursue your training goals anywhere - especially at home.

Daily FITPAK is an online training portal available HERE so you can find the most effective ways to use this training kit to develop a stronger and healthier version of you.

Daily FITPAK is new way of training that will strengthen your body and upgrade your mind. Strength, core and cardio all at home! All you need is a Kettlebell and resistance band. 

Do you want to build you own Daily FITPAK Training Kit so you can level up your training? CLICK HERE

What is in your Daily FITPAK Starter KIt?

1 x 10kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

1 x 13" x 3"  HEAVY Fabric Hip Band (Classic Black)

1 x 10lb-30lbs RED Resistance Band

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