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Hip Thrust Bench


Normally, the hip thrust exercise is performed on the floor, aerobic step boxes or on benches that are too high.


THE RESULT: long set-up time for finding benches or aerobics steps;  the exercise is performed without a full range of motion (on the floor); or performed on a surface that is unstable (aerobic steps) or too high (standard flat bench).
Using our low profile bench will provide you with a strong, stable surface to perform your hip thrusts
This low-profile bench with its heavy-duty steel construction and durable padding is ideal for performing hip thrusts with a barbell, with bands only or a combination. This will ensure that your are stable and safe so you can focus on exercise execution. 

This bench is equipped with 3 pins on each side that can be used to load your barbell with resistance bands. However, these pins can also be used with bands alone if using a barbell is not an option or is not a part of your training program.
The small foot print of this hip thrust bench makes it ideal for any training facility, regardless of size.

Why Use a Hip Thrust Bench?

Stable, secure bench of appropriate height is required to safely and effectively perform hip thrusts. Using this bench reduces the risk of injury to the trainee by performing exercise on an unsecured bench or an inappropriate height.


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Product Dimensions:                                                     



Foot Plate Length


Foot Plate Width


Foot Platform Length


Padded Bench Length


Padded Bench Width




Black Powder Coated Steel Frame

3 Pins per Side for Band Loading

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Black High Density Pad

Total Foot Print: 71" L; 29" W

Approximate Weight: 105lbs

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