Little Red Stick | 18" Massage Stick


Massage Stick (18")

It's Portable, It's Red and It's Awesome

The Story of Our Stick 

Let me tell you a story about how this Stick came to be....
It was 7 December 2015 and the weather was fantastic for early December.  DJ predicted this day would likely by -50 and a blizzard like conditions because this was the day the first product shipment would arrive. 

Without a shipping dock, this shipment was to be delivered from the rail yard into an empty gravel parking lot. DJ and Stuart were en route to meet the shipment in 30' moving truck. The two would unload their shipment by hand into the truck and move it.....into Stuart's 2 Floor apartment because they did not have storage.
Fortunately for them, the other occupants of Stuart's apartment building also needed the elevator so the majority of the shipment was moved into his unit via the stairway.

Somewhere around 10pm they got to counting all the inventory and came across their first version of their massage stick. Product testing is very important so the two tried and tried to bend and break their first model figuring someone - somewhere - would break it half. The stick held up to the test.
From there they decided to improve upon that design and introduce two other models as well. 

Injuries, stress, exercise... all things that compromise the responsiveness and pliability of your muscles and fascia. This is where myofascial release tools come in!

    The Little Red Stick is your answer to sore and achy muscles. The smooth red beads allow for a consistent and easily controllable roll. Every stick also comes with an instructional handout including diagrams and tips on using your Red Stick!

    Looking for a longer stick for greater leverage and surface cover? Check out our Big Red Stick!

    ***Caution: White Lion Athletics recommends seeing a professional physical therapist to assess any injuries prior to using any self-myofascial tools.

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