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Massage Ball

The Black Diamond Mobility Ball

How to use it: CLICK HERE : Full Product Specs here: CLICK HERE

Less painful than lacrosse balls but JUST as effective: Pecs, Glutes, Hamstrings and Hip Flexors

Why Balls?! Good question! 

Balls (Lacrosse Balls, EVA Balls) are a good choice for small areas that your typical foam roller cannot reach effectively-  either because the surface area is too broad or, it's just inconvenient. Think rolling facedown on some gym floor to try to get into your pec.

We love this product so much, we even packaged in this kit here to save you money!

All balls aren't created equal ! Look for more aggressive balls? Check HERE

The Black Diamond's circumference is much larger than a lacrosse ball but the working area is the same. This means that we can still reach specific spots but the larger circumference reduces the applied pressure, making the experience MORE COMFORTABLE

Need myofascial release that is out of this world? May we present the Black Diamond; the perfect blend of foam roller and lacrosse ball. With the precision of a ball but the forgiveness and size of working with a foam roller, the Black Diamond is great for some of those "hard to roll" areas like pecs, glutes and hamstrings.

Foam Material: EVA Foam
Size: 4.7"  
Color: Black

Read our "What is Foam Rolling" Infosheet.

***Caution: White Lion Athletics recommends seeing a professional physical therapist to assess any injuries prior to using any self-myofascial tools.

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