Steel Mace & Indian Club Workshop

Steel Mace & Indian Club Workshop

  • Dates:  Saturday, 29 February 2020
  • Time: 12pm - 6pm 
  • Location: Morfit Training Centre.  DOWNTOWN LOCATION                                          (2nd Floor,  City Place)
  • Class Size:12 people

This Workshop will be Instructed by: Coach Zack Yanyk

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Steel Mace Flow (Hons) Certified, Rik Brown "Mr. Maceman" Certified, Agatsu Fitness Steel Mace Certified. Zack is also the Founder and Owner of Warrior Flow (Regina) 

Who is Coach Zack ?

CLICK HERE to see Coach Zack on CBC

Outside of Warrior Flow, Coach Zack has racked up a list of other accomplishments with the mace. Coach Zack has taught in Calgary, Denver, Las Vegas, Detroit, New Jersey, New York City, Miami, Liverpool England, and Cologne Germany. 

He is part of the Steel Mace Flow education team and has certified many top names in the art of Steel Mace Flow. As far as personal practice goes Zack is considered one of, if not the, most well rounded Mace Athletes on Earth.

Strong in the flow style of mace movement, Zack also holds a Canadian Mace Competition record and is the only person in modern history to swing a mace for over 9 hours straight without letting the mace rest on the ground or his shoulders at any point. 

Coach Zach's Story

Coach Zack was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. Growing up Zack practiced martial arts before transitioning to football and rugby in high school, eventually playing on a semi-professional rugby team based out of Alberta. Unfortunately, a torn ACL cut that short after just one season.

During recovery he fell into a dark state and turned to food, causing him to go from a playing weight of 205 pounds to 267 pounds in a matter of months. He was able to get back down to 235 for his comeback season, but half way through shattered his fibula and was back out. Knowing that if he put on another 60+ pounds he would never be able to play again Zack turned to his mom, a local gym owner, for assistance.

This is what originally brought Coach Zack into the fitness world. After recovering from his injury he started working for his mom at Readiness Fitness. For a couple years he taught general fitness classes and Kettlebell classes. It was in March of 2017 that Coach Zack was first introduced to the mace.

Coach Zach and his team teach 15 maces classes every single week. Warrior Flow also hosts North America's largest Steel Mace competition each June.

What Will Be Covererd in This Workshop

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of Indian Club training; including instruction on several traditional patterns, how to implement them into your movement practice, and how to build on them as you advance. We will cover which moves Coach Zack and the Warrior Flow team use to prepare for different exercises as well as the difference between using heavy and light clubs.

From there we will move on to the 360 and the 10&2 which are the traditional and competition style of mace training. We will cover the fundamentals of these movements as well as how to trouble shoot common issues that may arise through them. Once the foundation has been set we will build onto these movements with several variations. We will also explain the Warrior Flow theory on how and when to move up in weight.


The third part of the workshop will be focused on Steel Mace Flow. Here we will cover the fundamentals, the crossover potential of what we have already covered in the earlier sections, and Coach Zack's theories on flow building and "how to be smooth". We will then implement these fundamentals and theories by learning several flows out of Coach Zack's signature series, "The Avatar Cycle".

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