The Kettlebell Workshop: December 7, 2019 (10am-1pm)

Kettlebell Training Winnipeg

Training Objective:  improve your kettlebell practice by providing excellent instruction on these fundamental movements. You will not just learn and execute the skill; you will understand it well enough so that it complements your existing knowledge and ability.

Our most exciting kettlebell training workshop yet - with three instructors (see below). Once you register, you will be sent a Workshop Questionnaire and PAR-Q so we can get to know who we are working with. This will be sent out 1-2 days after your purchase.

Please complete and submit as soon as possible (electronically). 

Kettlebell Workshop Details

  • Date: 7 December 2019
  • Time: 10am-1pm
  • Location: Morfit Downtown, 2nd Floor of City Place

Registration fee is non-refundable. 

Please arrive 10-15mins early to change and settle-in. Workshop will begin at 10am sharp.

Large change rooms with lockers and showers are available.

What do you need to bring:

  • Training Clothes
  • Refillable Water Bottle

Kettlebell Workshop Training Program

  1. Movement Prep & The Kettlebell Halo
  2. The Turkish Get-Up
  3. The Kettlebell Swing & Set-Up
  4. The Clean & The Press

Kettlebell Instructors:

Karen Moffat, Jethro Bartelings & DJ Guzda

Jethro Bartelings:  Certified Level 1 StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor. Jethro sees the kettlebell as a very effective tool for developing stability, mobility, and strength. Jethro is also a certified StrongFirst Bodyweight instructor, FMS Level 1 and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach.

Karren Moffat: Certified Level 1 StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor. Karen is also  Agatsu Upper Body Mobility Level 1 Certified and has FMS Level 1 & Level 2. Karen believes, we must treat our bodies as we treat fine instruments: with respect, patience, curiosity and gratitude." 

DJ Guzda: Certified Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor. 

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