The Riot Kettlebell Kit: (12kg/14kg/16kg) (Arriving July/Early August 2021)


The Riot Kettlebell Kit 

Secure your kettlebell package now for their arrival in May.

This Kettlebell Training Kit is inspired by our Partnership with RIOT Cycle & Strength. 

RIOT offers Kettlebell training in-person at their South Osborne studio and online with their on-demand service RIOT Play. You can check out RIOT's online classes HERE.  "RIOT Play" offers a catalogue of fitness classes available 24/7.

RIOT's Kettlebell Leader Carrie is a Physiotherapist by day, and Kettlebell instructor by night. Carrie brings an extensive fitness background right to you. As Carrie would say, "it's all about that form'.

Form is everything. It prevents injuries, lifts become stronger, movements more efficient and essential before we introduce any advanced exercises”- Carrie, RIOT Kettlebell Leader
The selection of cast iron Kettlebells in this package will be perfect for those with experience in strength training that interested in introducing kettlebells into their programming. The 12kg and 14kg kettlebells may be a good starting point to learn the 2-handed kettlebell swing; the kettlebell deadlift; and goblet squats. The 16kg may a reasonable progression from these kettlebells when mobility and strength see improvements from safe and consistent kettlebell training.

What's in the Kit?

What's in the Kit?

  • 12kg (24.6lbs)  x1
  • 14kg (31lbs)     x1
  • 16kg (35lbs)    x1

1 July Update:

6kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 32kg, 48kg and 56kg: End of July/ early August Arrival

The delays for delivery are due to extremely limited space for shipping and constant cancellations (and rescheduling).

We appreciate your patience and understanding!


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