How to Choose the Weight for your Steel Mace?

How to Choose the Weight for your Steel Mace?

Which Mace Should I buy?

Which weight should I pick for my Steel Mace?

Coach Harbert "Heartbeats" Egberts "The Flowing Dutchman" was kind enough to share his writing with us on this topic. This is the most common question he gets (as well as us). There are many factors to consider in Steel Mace (macebell) selection so that your training is safe and sustainable.

Which Steel Mace weight should you buy ⁉️

One of the questions I get asked the  most. Which mace should you buy when you buy your first or second mace? I made an extensive YouTube video on the topic so if you want to go more in depth -> The Flowing Dutchman on YouTube. I’ll briefly summarize the video here.

When starting out most people compare the  mace to a kettlebell or dumbell and buy their first mace way too heavy. This was also my fault, even though I bought a 15kg clubbell. I learned from that experience :)


There are so many moves that you can learn with a mace. So starting out with a 4/5kg mace is helpful for everyone, even if you’re really strong. You’ll need to start feeling the momentum working before you go up in weight with your exercise. So for the FIRST mace, go for a 4-5kg mace.

For your SECOND mace, it depends on your strength, background, and what you wan to do with it. If you’re solely going for 360/300’s, then go for an 8kg mace. If you’re into flow, go for a 6kg. It will be heavy enough for most exercises.

With flow I progress 2kg. With traditional I progress with 4kg. That’s a good measurement tool 
Hope that helps!.

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