Scratch & Save Steel Maces

New Year's Scratch & Save Steel Maces

These discounted maces either have slight scratches on them, or the caps are not sealed to the mace. We are selling them at 25% OFF for this cosmetic imperfection. Functionally, they are as good as our unscratched maces. We only have 4-6kg discounted maces available at this time.

Grab yours while the sale is still active! Sale ends Jan. 1, 2021.

Do you need some guidance choosing your first Steel Mace? Please check out our BLOG POST HERE

Interested in Custom Painting your Steel Mace? Please CONTACT US for details.

Stronger Core. Stronger Stabilizers. Stronger Living. 

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Why Train with a Steel Mace?

A simple tool with a long handle and weight distributed at the end, the Steel Mace will demand more of you than you think.  The more you move the Steel Mace, the more demanding it becomes: you will need your strength to move it but will also need your strength to counter balance it.

The Steel Mace can be used for warm-ups as well as a stand-alone training tool for strength and conditioning sessions.  The weight of the Steel Mace can be managed better by "choking up" on it (moving your hands closer to the bell). A Steel Mace that is becoming easier to use can be made challenging once again by moving it much slower and moving your hands to the very end of the shaft.

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