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Steel Clubs

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The Steel Club is an ancient tool with contemporary relevance. It can be used to make you stronger in daily life, athletics and general fitness. When used safely and effectively. Steel Club workouts can develop your mobility and strength through a broad range of movements and multiple planes of motion.

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What Are the Benefits of Training with Steel Clubs ? Check out our BLOG POST

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Designed with uneven weight distribution, the Steel Club is an ideal tool for strength and conditioning as well as rehab and prehab.

Steel Club Training

If you are looking for a starting point for your Steel Club workouts, check out this blog post with links to training video and Steel Club Exercise instructional

Almost anyone that safely and responsibly trains with Steel Clubs will benefit.  Athletes involved in throwing sports (baseball, cricket and lacrosse); racquet sports as well as jiu jitsu. Steel Clubs exercises can also be used in rehab and prehab for shoulders as well treating and prevent tennis and golfer's elbow.


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