1.DAWN_Steel Maces - 1.5" Diameter Handle


The 1.5" diameter handle is often called 'the standard" as this diameter is found on Steel Maces 8kg and above.

The 1.5" diameter handle (41mm) is thicker and simulates more muscle fibres in your hands, fingers and forearms when you're training with it.

It's also effective for creating 'full body tension' when performing 'ripping' and 'crushing' movements used flow practices such as Steel Mace Flow.

Why Train with a Steel Mace?

Stronger Core. Stronger Stabilizers. Stronger Living. 

Steel Mace Shaft Length

Refer to the chart below for lengths of all Steel Maces before purchasing.

Please NOTE: measurements for the Steel Mace length are taken from the ground to the top of the shaft.

The Steel Mace is a seemingly "simple tool" with the  weight distributed at the end.

The Steel Mace will demand more of you than you think. The more you move the Steel Mace, the more demanding it becomes: you will need your strength to move it but will also need your strength to counter balance it.

The Steel Mace training can be used as warm-up; stand-alone training tool; and, it can be developed into Life Practice and Art for strength and conditioning.

The weight of the Steel Mace can be managed better by "choking up" on it (moving your hands closer to the bell). A Steel Mace that is becoming easier to use can be made challenging once again by moving it much slower and moving your hands to the very end of the shaft.

Steel Maces

Available Coaching & Training

Steel Mace Coaching is great for any level of practitioner.

Training comes in many forms: E-books; ZOOM, On-Demand and in-person

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Zack Yanyk: Online & On-Demand HERE

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