Collection: The Band-iT: Fabric Glute Bands

Fabric Resistance Bands

Grippy, Non-Slip Fabric Glute Bands

Fabric Glute Bands: 

  • 2 Versions
  • 4 Sizes
  • 3 Strength Length Level per size

Version (1): Classic Black 

Our Classic Black fabric glute bands are available in 4 Sizes: 12"x 2; 13" x 3"; 15" x 3; 20" x 3". Each size comes in 3 resistance levels: Heavy, Extra Heavy and Extra, Extra Heavy.

Differences between Classic Black Bands and The Originals: 

  1. Colour (resistance levels are the same)
  2. 20" x 3" is only available in Classic Black

Version (2): The Originals (Anchor, Navigator and Mermaid)

Our Original fabric resistance bands are available in 3 Sizes: 12"x 2; 13" x 3";  and  15" x 3. Each size comes in 3 resistance levels: Heavy, Extra Heavy and Extra, Extra Heavy.

White Lion Athletics fabric resistance bands (glute bands, glute loops or fabric hip bands) offer more resistance and durability than other fabric hip bands which makes for a better training experience.  

Why do the bands come in different sizes?

The size of the band is designed to accommodate the size of your legs. Smaller bands or tighter but that does not necessarily make them more appropriate for training. Once the appropriate size is selected the strength of the band changing will make it more appropriate and versatile for your training.

Unlike training with latex resistance bands, fabric brands will only stretch until they reach the point at which they are stitched. When this point is reached, they can no longer stretch and you might not get into the full range of motion as a result of this. Selecting the appropriate band size will ensure that you were are to train within the desired range of motion for your exercise.

Our fabric mini bands come in three resistance levels per size to ensure the sizing remains appropriate while the resistance levels sky rocket.