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Floss Bands | "Boa Wrap" | Compression Tack & Floss Bands | 7' Length

Floss Bands | "Boa Wrap" | Compression Tack & Floss Bands | 7' Length

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,White Lion Athletics' Floss Bands - 'Boa Wrap'.  also known as compression bands, are a tool used by athletes, physical therapists, and individuals who engage in regular strength training to improve joint mobility and tissue health.
  • Our Boa Wrap muscle floss bands are tools that can make subjective improvements to your joint and soft tissue function.
  • Using Compression + Tension + Movement , Floss Bands can increase recovery and performance.
  • Floss bands on ankles, knees, elbows and wrists will often improve tissue mobility; increase joint flexibility; decrease pain and speed up recovery. The overall outcome may be increased performance and improved movement quality.
  • Boa Wrap Floss Bands can be used as part of your movement prep prior to training and also during your cool down and recovery. 
CAUTION Do Not Wrap the following areas:
* See a physical therapist or Medical Doctor to assess injuries prior to use.


Sandbag Shell: 1050D
Fill Bags: 1050D
Heavy Duty Velcro


Length: 7' (84")

Width: 2"


Max stretch: 150% of resting length

Care Instructions

Wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.

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How to use our Floss Bands

How do Floss Bands work?

Compression: Floss bands are tightly wrapped around a specific joint (or above and below it) or muscle group. This compression reduces blood flow to the area temporarily. When the band is removed, fresh blood rushes back into the area, which can help to flush out the tissue; and, increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

Boa Wrap| Compression Tack & Floss Bands | 7' Length - White Lion Athletics


The pressure applied by the band can lead to improved range of motion and flexibility in the joint or muscle group being targeted.

Once the band is in place, gently move the joint through its range of motion for 1-2 minutes. This movement helps to mobilize the joint and tissues within the compressed area.

Boa Wrap| Compression Tack & Floss Bands | 7' Length - White Lion Athletics

Neurological Feedback & Increased Awareness

Compression provides sensory feedback to the brain, which can help to "reset" the nervous system's perception of pain and mobility in the area. This neurological effect can temporarily improve movement patterns and reduce discomfort.

The physical presence of the band can increase an individual's awareness of their movement and positioning of the joint or muscle group, promoting better form and technique during exercises.

Boa Wrap| Compression Tack & Floss Bands | 7' Length - White Lion Athletics

Increased Blood Flow

After the band is removed, the rapid return of blood flow can help in the recovery process by reducing swelling, promoting healing, and facilitating tissue mobilization.

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