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Premium EVA Foam Roller 18" (10 Pack) | High Density & Compression Resistant

Premium EVA Foam Roller 18" (10 Pack) | High Density & Compression Resistant

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18" High Density Foam Roller - 10 pack

Portable, travel-friendly and compression resistant.

Our 18" Premium EVA Foam Roller 10 pack is perfect for clinics, team and facilities - especially when it comes to shipping.  

This 10 pack of 18" foam rollers contains 10, individual, medium density, compression resistant foam rollers that are individually packaged.

See our instructional videos for how to use your Premium EVA Roller.
Read our "What is Foam Rolling" Infosheet.

      *See a physical therapist or Medical Doctor to assess any injuries prior to use.


      Eco friendyl EVA Foam


      Length: 18"

      Height: 5"

      Care Instructions

      Wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.

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      Close-up shot of the grid pattern on the 18" High Density EVA Foam Roller by White Lion Athletics

      The Grid

      Experience the increased control provided by the anti-slip grid pattern design that makes foam rolling easier.

      Compression Resistant

      How soft is it?

      The high density foam offers the perfect balance of compression and stability so even the most sensitive areas can get the required attention.

      conveniently sized

      Full body use.

      The 18" length allows for it to be effectively used on both upper and lower body.

      Not just for rolling

      Improved Stretching

      Using a foam roller to support your forearms in Child's Pose offers several benefits:

      1. Enhanced Stretch: The foam roller elevates your forearms, allowing for a deeper stretch in the, pecs, shoulders, upper back, and lats.
      2. Thoracic Extension: It facilitates thoracic extension, promoting better posture and relieving tension in the upper back.
      3. Latissimus Dorsi Stretch: This position specifically targets the latissimus dorsi muscles, aiding in their release and improving flexibility.
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