Kettlebell Package: Progression 1.0 (10kg/12kg/14kg) | (Arriving July/Early August 2021)


Progression 1.0

An excellent offering for someone with a recent history of strength training but maybe new to (or re-visiting) kettlebell training 

The 5lbs weight increments offers manageable options for increasing your weight load while still maintaining your focus on executing your exercises with strong fundamentals.

Kettlebell Training ideas here: 

  • 10kg/  22 lbs     Kettlebell (Lavender)  x 1
  • 12kg/  26.5 lbs  Kettlebell (Green)        x 1
  • 14kg/  30 lbs     Kettlebell (Orange)      x 1

1 July Update:

6kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 32kg, 48kg and 56kg: End of July/ early August Arrival

The delays for delivery are due to extremely limited space for shipping and constant cancellations (and rescheduling).

We appreciate your patience and understanding!


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