Invest $4.25 in the "C" word this Friday Night

by DJ Guzda January 29, 2019

Invest $4.25  in the "C" word this Friday Night

The "C" Word.

It starts with "C" and ends with "T" .


The best way to make an introduction is a have a single discussion point. That is how you will start your content creation strategy.  Much like your strength and condition programming that is planned in blocks that move you toward your end training goal, content creation is the same.

The single point of discussion can be a micro one or a macro one and each will require scaling to various degrees. 

From there, you can create a focused discussion with a specific goal: " I want to provide the answer to this specific question"

This can be the purpose of content: answering a question.

Why answer The Question? The Answer is the key and the question to that answer is the lock. If you can unlock that lock with your key, your key becomes valuable. If the content is never created and you hold the key, you will never create value. We should be aiming to create as many "keys" as possible because there are an infinite number of locks to open.

What does $4.25 have to do with it?

That's how much your average Mini Band will cost you. Once you have that, you can start mapping out you content for 14 Days.

14 Days Straight ?! 


With this singular approach (answering one question) you will create the focused and concise response that will be compelling and informative.

You might say: "this has all been done before, there is nothing new to say on this topic".

What you are providing in your content creation, is your perspective on a certain topic that has been developed based on your experience. Even if you can spoke or written on the subject before, you can always revise, revisit, refresh or review your position 

In the next 14 days of content creation, you can plan on fulfilling a number of goals:

  1. Establish yourself as someone that is approachable and knowledgable enough to answer questions.

  2. Provide sound and safe instruction on equipment use and how the equipment can be used in variety off training settings.

  3.  Collaborate with your peers and mentors so you can both speak on a common topic and introduce each other to your respective audiences.

  4. It will allow you to showcase your training space, your skills as well as your instruction style.

Here are some questions that you might ask to start off your 14 days of content creation:

    •  Why you should use Mini Bands? 

    • Why you shouldn't use Mini Bands? 

    • What is the best position for Mini Bands while doing lower body exercises?

    • Can I do upper body exercises with Mini Bands?

    • How do you choose your Mini Bands?

    • How far can you safely stretch your Mini Bands?

    • Which exercises commonly overstretch Mini Bands and how can I avoid this?

    • Why do my Mini Bands roll up and how can I prevent this?

    • Why you shouldn't use Mini Bands?

    • Who should use Mini Bands?

    • Who should't use Mini Bands?

    • How do you choose your resistance levels?

    • Which exercises can be done with Mini Bands?

    • Which exercises should be avoided?

    • How do you clean your Mini Bands? Should they be cleaned?

    • How many exercises can I do with only one Mini Band?

    • Demonstrate every excise that can be done with a single Mini Band (there are at least 21 of them).

    Let us know how things go and if you hit any road blocks! We will be happy to help you out!

    DJ Guzda
    DJ Guzda


    DJ is a Co-Owner of White Lion Athletics

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