Sponsorships and Partnership with White Lion Athletics

Sponsorships and Partnership with White Lion Athletics

Sponsorships and Partnerships

This BLOG was inspired by some requests that we receive for Patnerships or Sponsorships.  Most commonly, the request for Partnership or Sponsorship is the provision of capital or products in exchange for promoting our products.

To establish a Partnership or Sponsorship with someone, we first look at our history and place it in the context of your request.

Has there been a history of measurable support by both of us or has the support be in-kind or tacit?

Is there a lack of history between us but a well demonstrated shared sense of Mission and Principles ?

Provision of Products

For example, if the provision of products is requested to establish a Partnership or Sponsorship we will look at specific product use history:

  • how long have you been using these products;
  • how have they been used;
  • and have they contributed to noticeable improvements in your training and performance.

Promoting our Products

If it is suggested that product promotion will be a part of the sponsorship, a strong and consistent history of engagement on digital platforms is reviewed to assess the quality of the content that has been created. 

Some key questions that will be asked:

  • do you have a strong and consistent history of content creation focused on product use?
  • have you included similar products to ours in your content strategy ?
  • do you exhibit a strong understanding of how to best use the products is safe and sustainable way to achieve measurable goals?

Specifically, we are interested in high quality digital video content with a strong educational and product use component.  If we are evaluating images, we have a strong interest in those aimed at problem solving, product education and product use ( infographics for example)

For us, quality content must have a discernible educational component to it. This is key. 

We consider Product Promotion to be synonymous with Product Education - "shout outs" and "tagging" alone will miss the mark in this case.

We provide products to solve problems. We identify a problem and explain how using this product will remedy it.  We are not interested in promotion "to drive sales" or "product placement content". 

Some key questions to be answered for product education are: 

  • Why did I choose to use this product and how will I use it effectively? 
  • What is the purpose of using this product in this context and what is the desired outcome?

Although these are only examples, content creation should be focused on explaining why a specific product is being used or answering question.

These are a few of things that we look at before considering sponsorships, collaborations and partnerships. I hope this helps.

In Closing....

We are not interested in product placement promotion - we are interested in speaking with potential partners about expanding our Mission for product education in different contexts.

Partnerships and Sponsorships are a valuable way to support those individuals that share our Mission and Principles. Please contact us if you would like to know more about Sponsorship and Partnership opportunities and we will be happy to help.


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