The Slouched & Leaning Position (Part 2): Sitting Defined

The Slouched & Leaning Position (Part 2): Sitting Defined

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Sitting: The seated position that is created and maintained by the conscious, concerted, focused and sustainable actions of postural control to stabilize your spine.

After doing the research for our workshop, this is the definition that I came up. It's far from an authoritative one. However, it does highlight the importance of considering 'sitting' as an action we must actively and consciously engage in.

Posture plays an essential part in realizing our optimal physiological and anatomical function. (Recall the previous post on Breathing)

This particular topic has great depth. What we'll do is leave you with this goal:

When you sit, think about what you are doing and develop an awareness of the feedback your body is giving you.  

  1. Did you flop into your chair or carefully and methodically create a position that is low stress and sustainable?
  2. Where is your weight distributed?
  3. How is your head position?
  4. In terms of your feet: where is the weight distributed?
  5. Where is your body positioned on the chair?
  6. How are you breathing?
  7. When was the last time you moved and did you engage in any specific stretching or muscle activation work to combat the stress of you seated position?

Tomorrow we will get into how your posture affects your spine so that we begin develop an understanding of how sitting, ideal posture and spinal health are related and how you work improve all of these things with a little bit of focused practice.

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