4 ways to swing your Clubbells: Steel Club Workouts

by DJ Guzda September 28, 2019

4 ways to swing your Clubbells: Steel Club Workouts

How Do I Swing a Steel Club?

Are Steel Clubs Indian Clubs?

Let's clear something up first: what do you call these clubs ?!

One name we do not use to describe our Steel Clubs is Indian Clubs. 

Indian Clubs refer to clubs that are wooden and weigh 1lbs, 2lbs or 3lbs - sometimes they come in 1/2lbs increments as well.  Once you starting approach 5lbs, the Club will most often be referred to as a Heavy Club.

In terms of Steel Clubs though, many names are being used to refer to the same tool.

Our Steel Clubs may go by many names:

  • Clubs
  • Clubbells
  • Club bells
  • Steel Club Bells
  • Steel Clubbells
  • Power Clubs

Steel Clubs Canada 2kg-12kg

All these names refer to the same training tool: a 100% Steel Club that is machined to ensure that its weight distribution is strategically unbalanced so they are "top heavy".

Steel Clubbells Canada

The Beauty and The Beast of the Club Bell is its uneven weight distribution. This makes it a versatile and effective training tool but also makes it potentially risky to an unfamiliar, first-time user.

Be cautious. Understand that a 2kg Steel Club will bring much different demands to your training task than a 2kg dumbbell or kettlebell.

White Lion Athletics Club Bells are solid, well made and durable and can be effectively introduced into your training to improve your grip strength, core strength and improve shoulder stability.

If you are new to using steel Clubbells, you should consider selecting a 2kg Steel Club and develop strength and capacity from there to avoid joint and soft tissue strain and/or overuse injuries.

Proper and appropriate training protocols should always be considered and applied when introducing a new training tool.

What are the benefits of Swinging Steel Clubs ?

The benefit of swinging a Steel Club is that you are not confined to moving in a single plane of movement as you can move in and through different planes for the duration of your training.


Planes of Movement

4 Ways You Can Swing Your Steel Club

1) The Double Steel Club Outside Swing

Steel Club Workout

This exercise can be performed with symmetrical or asymmetrical loads with the Steel Clubs being swung in the "outside position".

An orthodox swing could be considered one like the kettlebell swing where the kettlebbell is swung between your legs .

The outside swing has the clubbells swinging on the outside of your legs with the same dynamic and explosive hip hinge as the kettlebell swing. Having the Steel Clubs outside your body during the swing can increase the demands of your hip stabilizers as well as your core.

2) Steel Club & Kettlebell Swing

Steel Club and Kettlebell Swing

This is one of many examples of how steel clubbells and kettlebells can be combined in the same movement pattern.
This exercise is based on the hip hinge and has the same dynamic and explosive execution as the kettlebell swing.
The loading in this "outside swing" exercise is not only asymmetrical in terms of load (6kg clubbell vs 16kg kettlebell) the sizes are also asymmetrical. The asymmetry found this movement will also introduce an anti rotational element to the exercise as you work maintain alignment despite the different weight loads and different weight distribution in those loads.
As a result of this, the demands on grip strength, core strength, shoulder stability and hip stability are higher than during a swing with a symmetrical load.
3) Two Handed Heavy Club Swing 
Heavy Steel Club Two Handed Swing
Based on the hip hinge found in the kettlebell swing with same dynamic and explosive execution, the two handed club with a heavy clubbell is challenging.
With the majority of the clubbell's weight being about 4 feet away from your centre of mass, this exercise will increase the the demands of your core, spinal extensors and core in order to stabilize you when the clubbell reaches its highest point.
One issue to keep in mind is the length of Steel Club and how close it comes to the floor when you swing it. Another important issue to consider is your grip.  Using chalk with a heavy club might be a good idea to make sure your grip stays strong during the duration of the exercise.

The Wood Chopper

Steel Club Exercises. Wood Chopper Swing.
Develop rotational power while using a steel club for this exercise. The woodchopper can be a great exercise for building a strong connection between your core,hips and shoulders.

DJ Guzda
DJ Guzda


DJ Guzda - White Lion Athletics | Steel Mace Coach | Kettlebell Coach

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