Exercise Sandbag made in Winnipeg. White Lion Athletics

60lbs Exercise Sandbag, Made in Winnipeg, Canada. Created differently.

The Story of Our 60lbs Sandbag

Truth be told: we tore the first sample apart in less than 15minutes - from there we made some fundamental changes.

 It's Adjustable?

All sandbags are adjustable - sand can be added and taken out indiscriminately by adding or removing sand. Where do you put the sand when you take it out and where do get more to add....we're not not sure.

What we do know is that our 60lbs Sandbags  are different because the come with six individual fill bags that fit inside the shell bag. You can easily take the fill bags out or add them in to make sandbag lighter or heavier (up to 60lbs max weight).

Made in Winnipeg, Canada. Created differently.  Design with durability and rugged training in mind.  Durable designs come from understanding the scope of intended use. How will this sandbag be used and how can it last as long as possible?


What is design?

Design normally encompasses everything from aesthetics to the pattern and material selection. However, we created this 60lbs Adjustable Sandbag, we needed deliver a level of  support that would allow you to get the most out of your training.

Training Resources

The Sandbag Training Manual and the Video Training Training Library provide you with comprehensive training instructions. Our goal is to have you executing the fundamentals safely and confidently so that the sandbag can be introduced into your training without delay.


Material Selection

The material selection must exceed the limits of all reasonable and intended product.Everything from the thread to the logo patches must be build to last. Our here video tells all!

Click on the image to see the full spec video.

Exercise Sandbag 


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