The Kettlebell Backpack: is it the real deal?

The Kettlebell Backpack: is it the real deal?

The Kettlebell Backpack 2.0.

The Kettlebell Backpack 2.0 is the perfect kettlebell carrying case for your training adventures. Travelling by foot, bike, vehicle or air plane this rugged and comfortable backpack will safely transport your kettlebell (max 28kg) to and from your final destination.

This backpack was designed on purpose and for purpose.

This kettlebell backpack is a Well Built Kettlebells product and White Lion Athletics is the exclusive Canadian Distributor.

Three specific purposes in mind for this Kettlebell Backpack.

  1. First, it is a kettlebell carrying case ergonomically designed to transport your kettlebell to and from any of your training destination.Kettlebell Backpack
  2. Second, it is designed to carry a 2 L water bladder to keep you hydrated wherever you go. This may or may not be used to while carrying your kettlebell (it will depend on the size of your kettlebell! ).

Kettlebell Backpack              3. Third - and not least - it is a rugged, durable outdoor backpack that                  can be used to transport anything else - with or without your kettlebell.Kettlebell Rucking Backpack

Here are four unique features of Kettlebell Backpack 2.0

  1. It frees up your hands so you can carry more to wherever your fitness adventure takes you;
  2. It's a comfortable, ergonomically designed loadable backpack that you can safely carry to increase the intensity of even the most leisurely walk or hike;
  3. It be used as a regular every day rugged backpack when you're not carrying your kettlebell;
  4. It can accommodate a 2 L water bladder so you can stay hydrated while you're on your journey.

The backpack is rugged - regardless of it you are carrying kettlebells. Shoulder straps are adjustable, well padded and offer excellent support.

The heavy duty zippers, buckles, and durable 600D polyester makes  this backpack the perfect option for rucking, hiking, camping, or throwing on your back when riding your bike.

It has six compartments, including a closable mesh carrying compartment for a water bottle or container on the side.

To ensure your journey is safe and comfortable, there is an adjustable sternal strap and an adjustable waist strap to be sure the bag is securely attached to your torso.

The Perfect Fitness Gift

This perfect fitness gift that  can go at least two ways! 

The first way is that this could be a gift for you so you can carry your kettlebell to and from wherever you're going - in addition to whatever else you need on your adventure !

The second way this can go is that you can buy this gift for somebody else so they can carry your kettlebell for you will you carry everything else that you need for your fitness adventure.

In either case you should seriously consider the Kettlebell Backpack 2.0 has something that is essential for all of your fitness adventures and vacations regardless of if you are travelling in the city or across the world!

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