28 June 2016- Tuesdays with Brian Duaqui: The Mind Behind The Muscle

28 June 2016- Tuesdays with Brian Duaqui: The Mind Behind The Muscle

We took a different approach to these videos this time. It's easy to see what someone has achieved but getting insight into what keeps their fire burning is very important. Motivation is not sustainable by itself. It needs the proper Mind Set - the proper Mind Set is founded on strong habits and behaviour patterns.

Fire Building Analogy

Let's think of Motivation as The Spark and Mind Set as everything else that needs to be in place to turn that spark into a fire.

We may think of all the things that a camp fire needs to start: proper wind conditions, dry fuel, optimal arrangement of the wood, enough wood on hand to sustain it ... the list goes on. All these things need to be in place because even a huge spark cannot build a camp fire by itself.

Great sources of motivation cannot build a successful person. They may repeat the phrases; they may imitate the motivator's life but, without the habits and strong behaviour, they will not succeed.

These videos are meant to show you how to build your metaphorical camp fire: how to pick good fire wood and pile it right; how to judge wind conditions before you start the fire; and how much wood gather so your fire can be sustained into the night.

You can skimp on the prep phases of fire building and hope that big enough flame will come along and do all the work you never did. 

When everything is in place it will only take a small spark to set a blazing fire on ground that well developed to receive it.


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