Which Hand Goes on Top When Swinging a Steel Mace?

Which Hand Goes on Top When Swinging a Steel Mace?

Which hand should be on top when swinging a mace? 

Steel Mace workouts and Steel Mace Training come with many questions on Steel Mace technique.  Steel Mace education will assist in the life-long learning process  that comes with training. 
The most common question when performing 360 Steel Mace Swings and 10 & 2 Steel Mace Swings is " Which hand goes on top ?".  The answers to this question will  vary as you ask different Steel Mace Coaches. We are very happy to provide another Flowing Dutch BLOG !  Coach Harbert "Heartbeats" Egberts "The Flowing Dutchman" was kind enough to share his writing with us on this topic. 
The greatest thing you will find  when searching for answers is all the experience behind the coaches that provide the answers. The connections made when on the search for answers are often more valuable than the answer(s) you are seeking.
I made a YouTube video about this topic recently. If you’re interested in watching the video, go to my YouTube channel ( The Flowing Dutchman). The link to the video is at the end of this post.

The simple answer is: it doesn’t matter which hand is on top. But of course, there is a more in depth answer to the question. There are coaches out there that teach to swing towards your upper hand and there are coach who teach the opposite.

Now why would someone coach something so seemingly unimportant with such a consistency? For example with a 300 (10 to 2) you keep the same hand on top while swinging over both sides. So why prioritize at all?

Because symmetry is important in training.
If your right hand is dominant, you tend to overwork your right side. So what is usually created is a system that keeps the hand position consistent in order to ensure that you train both sides equally. Makes a lot of sense right? But then, what hand should be on top in a consistent fashion?

Here the discussion is held the most. Some say that you should swing towards your lower hand because there is more room in the wrist. This would only be true if you didn’t aim your hands in the opposite direction of where you point the mace (sword block).
If you do block with your hand to the other side, and keep your wrists straight, you’ll find that there is more room when you swing towards your upper hand. Because the lower hand is then closer to it’s side, and the upper hand arm has a better angle. If you can’t visualize this by only reading, you should watch the video on YouTube ;) (The Flowing Dutchman)

You can say something for both, but the main The is to alternate to ensure you train both sides 👍🏼  
Watch the Full Youtube Video HERE

How can you find Coach Harbert "Heartbeats" Egberts ?

Instragram: @the.flowing.ducthman  <- Click

YouTube:  The Flowing Dutchman <- Click

Website https://functionalharbeats.com/

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