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Exercise Balls | Anti-Burst Stability Balls (55cm, 65cm,75cm)

Exercise Balls | Anti-Burst Stability Balls (55cm, 65cm,75cm)

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Exercise Balls: 3 sizes (55cm,65cm,75cm)

Exercise Ball Sizing Chart (below)

Not Just For Crunches (<-video)

Exercise Balls: 55cm, 65cm 75cm

Try doing hamstring curls (either using both legs or one leg) with this ball.

  • Lay on your back with feet elevated on the ball. Arms at 45 degree angle with torso. Brace core. Thrust hips up.
  • While keeping hips elevated, push heels into the ball and pull the ball toward you. 
  • When knees are fully flexed, pause and push ball back into the starting position.

Too Easy? Try it with only 1 leg on the ball while the other leg is elevated.

How many core training exercises can you think you using an Anti-Burst Ball?

  • Dead Bugs
  • Dead Bugs using our resistance bands (<-product link)
  • Low/High Side Plank (forearms/hands on ball)
  • High Side Plank (feet on ball)
  • Low/High Plank (forearms/hands on ball)
  • High Plank (feet on ball)
  • Plank Saws

Strengthening your core with exercises using our Anti-Burst Stability is made a little easier with our YouTube Exercise Instructional Videos.

Core training tools, when used effectively during core exercises, can increase core strength, balance, stability and make core training a rewarding experience.

  • Helps build and further improve core & low back strength as well as balance, proprioception and flexibility.
  • May be used as an office chair.
  • Designed to offer firm support for more controlled exercise routines.

Stability balls can be used for a full body workout (<-video link) stretching, even postural correction when sitting. 

See our instructional videos (<-video link) workout ideas with your Stability Ball:

Exercise Ball Sizing Chart

Exercise ball diameter Person's height
55 cm 4'11"– 5'7"
65 cm 5'7"– 6'2"
75 cm 6'3"– 6'7"


Safe Max Weight Load: 260lbs


Ball Material: PVC
55cm: Crimson Red

65cm: Concord Blue
75cm: Moon Drop Purple

Package includes: 
1 x Anti-Burst Stability Ball
1 x Foot Pump

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