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White Lion Athletics

Weightlifting Belt | BLK MAX 5" Nylon Lifting Belt

Weightlifting Belt | BLK MAX 5" Nylon Lifting Belt

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Nylon Weightlifting Belt - 5"

Locked in. Secure. Ready to lift.

THE FIT: What does it feel like?


The lightweight construction is deceiving.

However, as you set the belt in place, you notice uncharacteristic thickness and a rigid body with flexibility that allows it to contour around you.

You lock in and secure the broad Velcro strap with ease as it rolls through the heavy duty steel buckle and roller assembly. The Velcro strap is secure. No bunching up. No "hanging Velcro tail".

As you begin your first rep, you don’t notice the belt but you feel the increased support and stability without any restriction.

Designed, constructed and built with durability, comfort and maximum support in mind.

After months of testing, we specifically designed our BLK MAX Nylon Lifting Belt to deliver the following:

  • Velcro belt not “popping off” while performing your lift

  • Maximum support while providing efficient and optimal belt draw so the belt does not bunch up or pinch

  • Light weight but offering a rigid, reinforced body

  • Fast adjustments – easy on & easy off

  • Specific design changes for those choosing our smaller sizes

The stability and support provided by our nylon weightlifting belt is provided by the wide nylon webbing that comfortably and securely cinches the thick, contouring 5” wide back around your waist. The specifically designed buckle and roller assembly ensures that the belt fits exactly how you need it to in your specific training session or competition setting.


Brand: White Lion Athletics

Colour: Black

Material: Nylon Shell w/ High Density Neoprene Core

Dimensions: 5” Back w/ contoured, tapered sides



  1. Use a pliable or seamstress tape is preferred
  2. Measure with clothing on (preferable your gym clothing)
  3. Place measuring tape at belly button and measure around your trunk
  4. DO NOT “suck in”, measure in a relaxed state, then pull the measuring tape tight Use this measurement to choose your correct belt size
  5. DO NOT use a steel tape measuring tape
  6. DO NOT measure the area where you wear the belt for your pants



  • Secure all of the Velcro strap onto belt
  • Lay in a flattened position after use
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