Wood Gymnastics Rings with Competition Straps



Gymnastics Rings with Competition Straps


Fast and Efficient Set Up

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Our Wooden Gymnastics with Competition Straps allow you to set up your gymnastics rings in no time. Simply secure the carabiner into a hole on the strap and you are done!

Gymnastics rings exercises can be performed almost anywhere provided your anchor point is abrasion free; secure and capable to bearing dynamic weight loads.

The gymnastic rings straps are constructed with heavy duty nylon with double hand-stitched eyelets to offer the most support possible. Please read full design specs below.

Wooden Gymnastics Rings are great for building full body strength and endurance. Simply attach the straps to a secure anchor (at the gym, playground, tree, in your basement, etc).

If you've used a TRX suspension system before, you'll love our Gymnastics Rings!


Carabiners  2" Wide X 4" Long
Carabiner Load Capacity 400lb each
Nylon Webbing Straps
1.5" Wide X 94" Long 
Nylon Webbing Strap Capacity  600lbs each
Inside Diameter of Ring:
Outside Diameter of Ring: 
Grip Circumference:
10.5cm/ 4 1/4" 
Grip Width: 
3.2cm/1 1/4"
Ring Maximum Load:
 400 lbs each
Ring Material:
Laminated Baltic Birch 


* Canada wide. Remote locations excluded as well as NT, YK, NL,NS, PEI.

Package Includes: 
2 x Wooden gymnastic rings 
2 x Heavy Duty black nylon webbing straps with carabiners 


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