Steel Maces (Scratch & Save)

 Scratch & Save Steel Maces

The Steel Maces are structurally sound.

These discounted Steel Maces have some or all of the following:

  • slight scratches on them
  • small shards sealed into the inside of the shaft that make slight 'rattle'
  • coating inconsistencies
  • the logo caps are not sealed to the mace. 

Functionally, these Maces they are as good as our unscratched Steel Maces.

We only have 2.3kg-22kg discounted Steel Maces available at this time.

Available Coaching & Training

Steel Mace Coaching is great for any level of practitioner.

Training comes in many forms: E-books; ZOOM, On-Demand and in-person

Coach Vaughn: E-Books HERE

Kristin O'Brien: ZOOM Classes HERE

Zack Yanyk: Online & On-Demand HERE

In-Person Steel Mace Training HERE

Steel Mace Shaft Length

Refer to the chart below for lengths of all Steel Maces before purchasing.

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