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Resistance Bands Kit: Stacked Facility| All the Bands We Have!!

Resistance Bands Kit: Stacked Facility| All the Bands We Have!!

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Resistance Band Training Kit


Let me tell you a story.....

Why is what I am about to tell you important?

There are at least 200 exercises that can be done with these Resistance Bands. That DOESN'T include partner work, either!!

Who cares, right?

Every single person that is looking for a training facility and your current client base cares.

These 200 exercises give YOU, 200 opportunities to create Educational, Interesting and Entertaining content  for these individuals that will help them reach their strength, conditioning and mobility goals. If you take the time and effort, these bands will not only make your clients stronger, but will also make your business stronger.

BLOGS, Newsletters, Social Media Posts, YouTube Videos, in-house instructional posters - as a facility owner or trainer you are always looking to reach out and educate your clients. These resistance bands will provide you with hundreds of opportunities to help them and promote your skills and expertise in-house and across all information mediums.

Need some ideas for training? Check this out  for 19 Different Mini Band Exercises. Check this out for 63 different resistance band exercises.

x2 Micro Orange  (5lbs-15lbs)
x2 Red                  (10lbs-30lbs)
x2 Black                (25lbs-70lbs)
x2 Purple               (40lbs-100lbs)
x2 Green               (50lbs-120lbs)
x2 Blue                 (60lbs-150lbs)
x2 Heavy Orange (70lbs-180lbs)
x1 Mini-Bands 5Pack.          - 5 Resistance Levels: 6lbs-35llbs
x1 Mini-Bands Power Pack  - 3 Resistance Levels: 40lbs-105lbs

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