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Resistance Bands Kit - Full Facility| 12 Resistance Band Package

Resistance Bands Kit - Full Facility| 12 Resistance Band Package

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Resistance Bands Kit

Resistance Training Package

Full Facility Package -12 Resistance Band Package


How Many Resistance Bands Do I Need?

The purpose behind making this 12 Resistance Band Package was to answer this question.  
**Great TIP**  Having our resistance bands in your facility is a great way to create content for your newsletter, BLOG, Social Media Platforms and your Youtube Channel. Having your well trained staff and independent trainers demonstrate exercises and Safe-Use practices with resistance bands will allow them to educate your clients as well as market your facility in these mediums. Plus, the questions that may be asked will create engagement for you - which is what you want!


5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Resistance Bands for your Training Facility

  1. Do we have a place to hang them/store them?

  2. Do our clients know how to safely use them?

  3. How many bands are in use now or how often are they requested?

  4. What is the demographic in my facility?

  5. Would I be able to create interesting fitness classes or group training using resistance bands?

If your training facility does not have any resistance for strength training or mobility work, these 12 bands should get you off to a great start. 

This video has 63 Exercises that you should definitely check out if you are looking for ideas on how all these bands can be used. 

x2 Micro Orange.  (5lbs-15lbs)
x2 Red                  (10lbs-30lbs)
x2 Black.              (25lbs-70lbs)
x2 Purple              (40lbs-100lbs)
x2 Green              (50lbs-120lbs)
x2 Blue                 60lbs-150lbs)

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