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The Rocky Roller | 13" Hollow Core Foam Roller | High Density EVA Foam

The Rocky Roller | 13" Hollow Core Foam Roller | High Density EVA Foam

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How to pick a foam roller? 

The  best foam rollers for deep tissue work and recovery are the ones specific for you.

High density, medium density and low density foam rollers for muscles all have their place.

The Rocky Roller has high density foam that will maintain its shape over time providing a better foam rolling experience.

The Hollow Core, combined with high density foam, makes this foam roller durable and compression resistant. This means you can use it often, keep it longer and it will still perform.

This foam roller is great for beginners as well intermediate users.

The grid pattern encourages a greater increase in circulation while the density is firm yet forgiving. Perfect size for taking to the cottage or to the gym. We consider this a "Medium" or Level 2 roller. 

See our instructional videos for how to use your Rocky Roller.
Read our "What is Foam Rolling" Infosheet.

    *See a Physical therapist to or Medical Doctor assess injuries prior to use.


    Roller: High density EVA foam
    Core: PVC

    Max Weight Load



    Length: 13"

    Height: 5"

    Care Instructions

    Wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.

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    Hollow vs Solid

    The hollow core foam roller features a thin, high density, rigid outer layer of foam that provides a firm surface with a lot of traction. The firmness is enhanced by rigid PVC core.

    The hollow core roller also has three distinct grid patterns to choose so appropriate pressure can be applied.

    Place with Precision

    Grid Patterns

    Each grid pattern will a provide different level of intensity

    Tri-Grid Advantage

    Controlled intensity

    You can increase or decrease the intensity of your foam rolling session simply by changing the grid pattern that you use.

    The outside of the lower leg musculature might need less intensity to start but might be able handle more as your session goes on.

    4 Steps to Foam Rolling Lats


    Step 1:Place a foam roller under your arm pit and use your arms to increase pressure on the muscle until you find a comfortable level of tenderness.

    Step 2: Roll the length of the muscle to about mid rib area at about 1 inch per second looking for the most tender area.

    Step 3:Identify tender spot, hold position and pressure as advised. Maintain proper posture.

    Step 4:Repeat on opposite side. Avoid head dropping forward, or holding breath.

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