Kettlebell Package: "All Inclusive" (6kg/8kg/12kg/16kg/20kg/24kg) (Arriving April 2021

Kettlebell Package:

"All Inclusive" (Arriving April/ 2021)

25 January 2021 Update:  This package  will be arriving in April 2021


 This  Kettlebell  Package has you covered!

It is highly recommend for everyone and everything when it comes to Kettlebell training at home. It will give you bell sizes to work with in the early stages, for ongoing shoulder mobility and stability work, and heavier bells to grow into in the months and years to come.

Shipping is cheaper when you purchase more bells all at once so it’s worth your while to go for this all at once! 

  • 6kg/ 13.2 lbs    (Red)        x 1
  • 8kg/ 17.6 lbs    (Grey)       x 1
  • 12kg/ 26.4 lbs  (Green)    x 1
  • 16kg/ 35.2 lbs  (Blue)       x 1
  • 20kg/ 44.4 lbs  (Yellow)  x 1
  • 24kg/52.8 lbs   (Grey)      x 1

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