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Purple Rainmaker | 18" Massage Stick

Purple Rainmaker | 18" Massage Stick

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Portable mobility tool for precision-targeted, deep tissue therapy. The 18” Purple Rainmaker Massage Stick is a unique massage stick with a 0.75" diameter steel core, with two easy-grip handles. This simple, slender design works like a magic wand for tight muscles, as the user can roll the stick over specific pressure points that many larger rollers and recovery tools can’t properly treat.

Used in tandem with other recovery tools, this Massage Stick can help reduce muscle and joint tightness after a workout, and may also limit the risk of injury over time.

This Massage Stick is also part of our Active Recovery Kit and our Mobility on the Go Kit ! 

*Consult a  physical therapist or Medical Professional to assess injuries prior to use.


Core Material: steel rod
Beads: plastic


18 inches long; .75 diameter core.

Care Instructions

Wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.

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Specific Pressure

The freely rotating ridge rollers allow for pressure to be applied with different levels of intensity.

Reach more

Partner Work

Massage sticks are perfect for partner use for all areas you would normally use your massage stick on.

Man seated on large tractor tire inside of a gym use the White Lion Athletics Purple Rainmaker Massage Stick on his right, lower leg.

Lower Body

Easy to Use

The free-moving rollers allow the massage stick to be used with comfort and easy over the most sensitive areas.

Man seated on wooden plyo box well using white lion athletics purple rainmaker massage stick on his left quadricep muscle

Multiple options for use


A benefit of using a massage a stick is that it can be used seated making it convenient to use almost everywhere.

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