"SOFT" Spiky Ball (Massage Ball)


SOFT Spiky Massage Ball

How can this be soft?

Our Soft Spiky Ball is inflatable and can be inflated using a pump like this. It can be inflated or deflated according to how hard you need the ball to be.

The ball is sold inflated but you can add air (or take it out) as needed.


Injuries, stress, exercise... all things that compromise the responsiveness and pliability of your muscles and fascia. This is where myofascial release tools come in!

Why the Spikes?!?

Although these spikes are softer than our Blue Spikey Ball here

Compression + Tension + Movement is required to help tight sore muscles release. The skies on this self-massage ball are design to get more traction on stubborn tissue so more compression and tension can be used when movement is initiated. The last thing you want is the underneath your myofascial release tool moving around become sufficient traction is prevent compression of the tissue.

The Spikey Ball is a bit more aggressive than the Lacrosse Ball when it comes to releasing compromised tissues all over the body (legs, back, arms and shoulders).  

See our instructional videos for how to use your Spikey Ball.

Material: PVC
Dimensions: 9.5 cm

Color : Blue

Package includes: 
1 x Soft Spikey Ball

***Caution: White Lion Athletics recommends seeing a professional physical therapist to assess any injuries prior to using any self-myofascial tools.

Collections: All Products, Foam Rollers

Type: Mobility

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