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"SOFT" Spiky Ball (Massage Ball)

"SOFT" Spiky Ball (Massage Ball)

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Massage balls - especially soft massage balls -  can be used on feet, your neck and shoulders with relative comfort and easy.

The spikes on this self-massage ball are design to provide a gentle amount of traction on stubborn tissue so more compression and tension can be used when movement is initiated

Injuries, stress, exercise... all things that compromise the responsiveness and pliability of your muscles and fascia. This is where myofascial release tools come in!

Compression + Tension + Movement are required to help tight sore muscles release.

This massage ball is not as aggressive as Lacrosse Ball when it comes to releasing compromised tissues all over the body (legs, back, arms and shoulders).  

See our instructional videos for how to use your Spiky Ball.

* See a certified physical therapist or Medical Doctor to assess any injuries prior to use.




2.5"-3.75" high

Care Instructions

Wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.

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Comfortable and effective


Soft enough to comfortably apply pressure but the spikes still effectively hold the ball in place.

Sore Feet

Perfect Pressure

The soft spiky ball allows for compression but still provides an effective, comfortable massage for sensitive tissue.

Reduce Tension


1 or 2 soft spiky balls can be applied at the base of the neck while laying down to relief tension.

Relieve Tension

Upper Back

The compression of the soft spiky ball, combined with the pliable spikes, creates the perfect combination to address sensitive areas such as the upper back. You can rest on the ball - and still breathe in a relaxed way -to get the most out of your self-massage experience.

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