Naming our Business: Harder Than Finding a Pink Unicorn.

by DJ Guzda June 09, 2016

Naming our Business: Harder Than Finding a Pink Unicorn.

A more commonly asked question these days is: how did you come up with name White Lion Athletics?

It think Stuart & I spent a total of about eight hours over the course of two or three meetings sitting across a desk from each other. About 80% of that time was silence; 10% of that time was laughing at names we came up with; 5% was ''; and the remaining 5% was throwing around names we came up with.

It seemed endless. We were still about 5 months aways from opening for business but the name was the most important issue to resolve. The name was elusive. 

We finally came up with a name we agreed on but after doing an in-depth search through the Companies Office, the name was not a registered business name but was TM. 

Back to the drawing board. That particular drawing board was the Memo Pad on my phone. I went home and smashed out about 50 names. 

Not one winner. 

Then three words followed before hitting 'send' on the text message: Pink Unicorn Fitness.

I forget the exact wording in Stuart's response. I think it may have been "What?" or       "Are you serious ?".

I was actually pretty serious. The name came to me and I had some vision of this pink unicorn - heavily muscled unicorn  - hurling itself through the air dodging lighting bolts. A lovely, and very enchanting logo, I thought.

The sobering ring of my phone broke the unicorn induced dream state trance I was: this announced the arrival of Stuart's messages.

I still have no idea how White Lion and Unicorns are related. Maybe they are distant cousins in some fabled land in my mind's nature scape - along with Willy Wonkaesque chocolate waterfalls.

In any case, White Lion Athletics was the next name that came to mind. 

DJ Guzda
DJ Guzda


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