Glute Bands (2" x 12") | Non-Slip Fabric Resistance Bands| 3 Strengths


The Band-iT Fabric Resistance Bands

Non-Slip, Grippy, Fabric Glute Bands

2” Band-iT Resistance Band:

3 Resistance Levels
 2" WIDE x 12" LONG

Great for lower and upper body accessory movements and warmups

Best Band Placement  Options:

  • BEST UPPER POSITION: Just above wrist joint.
  • BEST LOWER BODY POSITION: Around the ankles.

Mini Bands are sometimes difficult to put on and take off.

The benefit of using The Band-iTs: they are easier to put on and take off.

The Band-iT Mini Bands are 2”x 12" resistance bands and are made of a cotton/poly fabric blend and fortified with a rubber elastic matrix. 

These Mini Resistance Bands offer the same versatility and strength as some of our stronger pure elastic bands.

Every training program can benefit from the versatility of Mini Bands.

Coming in three progressive resistances, these bands are perfect for developing your strength, endurance, stability and power.

How do they measure up?! Our 2” Band-iT are graded as:

 Heavy (the resistance of our Jaguar Band)

 X-Heavy (the resistance of Pegasus Band)

 XX-Heavy (the resistance of Pink Unicorn Band)

Need a reference? Check this out - it may help!


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