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Premium EVA Foam Roller 36" | High Density & Compression Resistant

Premium EVA Foam Roller 36" | High Density & Compression Resistant

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Premium, Compression Resistant Foam Roller


Our 36" Premium EVA Foam Roller is a medium density foam roller that is suitable for self-massage as well as foam roller exercises.  This deep tissue foam roller is great for everyday mobility work and core exercises. 

The three foot- 36" inch -length allows you to perform foam rolling on sore, tight muscles with minimal adjustment to body position.

The 36" length and medium density muscle massage roller provides full spinal support when performing rehabilitation and stretching exercises as well. Many foam rolling exercises can be safely performed using a foam roller of this length.

See our instructional videos for how to use your Premium EVA Roller.
Read our "What is Foam Rolling" Infosheet.

      **See a physical therapist or Medical Doctor to assess injuries prior to use.


      Roller: High density EVA foam
      Core: PVC



      Height: 5"

      Care Instructions

      Wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.

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      What's Difference?

      Choose the 36" option for more versatility. It is great for foam rolling and offers extra stretching and exercise possibilities.

      Compression Resistant

      How soft is it?

      Our High Density EVA foam rollers are compression resistant but they do compress when directly pressure is applied allowing for a comfortable experience.

      Foam Rolling

      Soft but assertive

      The high density foam offers the perfect balance of compression and stability so even the most sensitive areas can get the required attention.


      Perfect for Stretching

      The 36" length allows for your whole spine to be supported when laying on your back.

      More than a roller

      Used in training

      The assisted single leg deadlift demonstrated here is one of many exercises where our 36" high density foam roller can be used.

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