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CLEARANCE Glute Bands - NON-SLIP| Fabric Resistance Bands| 4 Sizes, 3 Strengths

CLEARANCE Glute Bands - NON-SLIP| Fabric Resistance Bands| 4 Sizes, 3 Strengths

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The Band-iT Fabric Resistance Bands:

Bands in this section have inconsistent colour patterns but are but are fully functioning.

3” Band-iT Fabric Resistance Band:

4 Sizes: 12",13",15",20" Loops

3 Resistance Levels per Size

The difference between the CLASSIC BLACK and COLOURED Bands is only their colours.

 See our Fabric Resistance Band in  action here

The Band-iTs are similar to our Mini Bands but they are made of a Cotton/Polyester Blend fabric fortified with a high density internal rubber elastic matrix that offers a strong resistance!

 Our 3” fabric hip bands offer a different experience for a few reasons:

  1. They are 1” wider than our latex Mini Bands

  2. They are easier to take on and off

  3. They are best used above or below the knee

 That being said, you will likely want to rip our Band-iT Resistance Band right off after your first set because it will light things up!

 3 Things Yo Must  Know Before Using Fabric Bands:

  1. BAND PLACEMENT(Feet Planted):If you are doing squats, RDLs and similar exercises, band placement can be above the knees (easier), below the knees (harder) or in both positions (psychotic). 

  1. BAND PLACEMENT(Feet Moving):If you are doing any movement where your feet are moving, another position can be introduced and that is at the ankles. Placement here creates the largest stress and makes exercise harder – it is NOT RECOMMENDED  that you use the Mermaid in this position.

  1. JOINT ALIGNMENT: Make sure your ankles, knees and hips are moving the in same direction and that you maintain a neutral spine (no extension/arching or excessive rounding/flexion)

Two Steps for Selecting the Proper Sized Fabric Resistance Band

STEP #1:                            Choose Your Length:  12", 13”, 15” or 20" Band
The 2" come in 12" only.  This size best suited for walking exercises where the band is placed around the toe box or ankles. 

3” Band-Its are made in 3 different lengths based on quad size (the 13" bands can also be used around the ankles for walking exercises). Choosing a smaller band for greater resistance IS NOT WISE.

IMPORTANT: Measure circumference of thigh  3" above the MIDDLE of  knee cap as this is highest recommended  position for the resistance band when doing lower body exercises?

 Sizing Chart Measure 3" above  MIDDLE of  knee cap
13" Fabric Bands 16" -23"
15" Fabric Bands 24"-28"
20" Fabric Bands 28" +


  Once you choose a size, move to Step #2

STEP #2:               Choose Your Resistance: HEAVY, X-HEAVY, XX-HEAVY
 The Anchor: Heavy
Ideal for dynamic lower body warm-ups or stand-alone exercise such as Monster Walks, Sumo Walks, Clam Shells, Hip Thrusts and  Squats.
The Navigator: X-Heavy
For those that have out grown The Anchor for warm-ups. Great for cuing “push hips out” during deadlifting and squatting. Can also be used for stand-alone exercises.
The Mermaid: XX-Heavy
Maximal lower body activation with stiffest fabric we could find. Warm Up with The Anchor or Navigator before using this. Extremely durable and tough, this band will bring a lot more challenge than you might expect.




Hand wash in cold water with gentle soap





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