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Black Widow Speed Rope - 10ft adjustable

Black Widow Speed Rope - 10ft adjustable

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Cable Length

Designed for precision and performance, White Lion Athletics' Speed Rope is built for speed, efficiency and comfort. Speed rope training just got better for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The 10ft uncut cable has a  3.9mm diameter and covered with durable coating.

The 6 inch long, ergonomically designed handles have anti-slip wrap over the 1 inch diameter handle. The design contributes to increasing frequency for high-speed rotations while reducing forearm and shoulder fatigue.

Jump Rope Bag Included

See our SIZING VIDEO for your Black Widow Speed Rope.



Cable Length (uncut): 10 feet
Cable Diameter:
Handle Length: 6 inches
Handle Diameter: 1 inch

Special Instructions

Surface Choice: avoid skipping on hard services such as pavements as this will wear down the PVC coating on the cable and cause premature wear and tear.

do not use a screwdriver to tighten the screw; secure the screw by hand only until it is hand-tight.

spray bearing case with WD40 as required.


(1) Speed Rope

(1) drawstring carry bag

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What's Difference?

A standard PVC jump rope does not provide the speed and precise movements of the Black Widow Speed Rope.

Its speed and smooth movement will be appreciated by the athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Size Chart

General Guide

Speed ropes may be sized shorter or longer than listed here depending on what your goals are and the intended use.

Sizing it shorter: faster cadence suitable for speed work and agility training.

Longer than suggested: suitable for cross-overs, fans and double, (and triple) unders.

designed to perform

Ergonomic Design

The handle design allows for it to sit easily in your hand reducing the demands on your grip. Its makes speed rope use more efficient and seemingly effortless compared to other designs.

Designed for stability


The ergonomic handle design is complemented bye a carefully designed anti slip rap that ensures optimal grip through even the most intense speed rope sessions.

Designed for speed

Fast & Smooth

High speed rotation and low vibration , the carbon steel construction efficiently transfers your effort to the task at hand.

Speed up or slow down with seamless changes in tempo with the ultra responsive low-friction design.


Hand Tight

Secure the screw by hand only and to ensure it's hand-tight. Use of a screw driver will strip the threads.

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