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CLEARANCE The Band-iT (3") - Original | Fabric Hip Resistance Band |

CLEARANCE The Band-iT (3") - Original | Fabric Hip Resistance Band |

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3" Fabric Hip Bands

**Bands in this section DO NOT have GRIP inside of them**

Easy on, Easy Off

Our Original Band-iT coming in 3 sizes and one Strength Level.

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Fabric bands offer a different experience because they are sometimes easier to take on and off than those made of latex.  That being said, you will likely want to rip our Band-iT Resistance Band right off after your first set because it will light things up!

3 Things You Want to Know Before Using A Fabric Resistance Band:

  1. If you are doing squats, RDLs and similar exercises, band placement can be above the knees (easier), below the knees (harder) or in both positions (psychotic). 
  2. If you are doing any movement where your feet are moving,  another position can be introduced and that is at the ankles. Placement here creates the largest stress and makes exercise harder.
  3. JOINT ALIGNMENT: Make sure your ankles, knees and hips are moving the in same direction and that you maintain a neutral spine (no extension/arching or excessive rounding/flexion)

The Band-iT is similar to our Mini Bands but these are made of a Cotton/Polyester Blend with a high density internal elastic that offers a strong resistance!


How to Pick Your Fabric Resistance Band

Made in different lengths, the different sizes are made to accommodate legs of different sizes.  Choosing a smaller band for greater resistance is not wise because the band may be stretched beyond capacity.
Band Measurements:
  • Small: 20"
  • Medium: 23"
  • Large: 26"
    Suggested Sizing:
    • Quads 20" and Smaller: Size Small
    • Quads 21"-24": Size Medium
    • Quads: 24"- 28": Size Large

    How to Use Your Fabric Resistance Band

    The Band-iT is perfect for warming up for squats and deadlifts as well doing Sumo Walks and Monster Walks.  You might also use them as you would our 12" Mini Bands!

    Care Instructios for Your Fabric Resistance Band

    • Hand wash in cold water with gentle soap
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